Gamma World

The Gamma World Character creator works best in Firefox; which currently has the best support for printing. To print the character sheet, simply print from your browser, the builder elements will not show up on the printed character sheet. Note that characters are saved locally using the localStorage mechanism of HTML5. This means characters are stored on the users machine, but are also tied to the originating domain of the CB page.

The comments for this file include a table of contents for finding the various parts of the program. If you wish to contribute new HTML or CSS simply open this file in your favorite HTML editor and follow the comments to find the existing version. If you wish add one of the origins not yet included, locate the internal origins database for an example of the format for origins. Do not worry about getting the details exactly right, having the powers typed in is a great help. Send contributions and bug reports to

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Stat Score
Skill Selection
Cryptic Alliance
Level 4 Feat
Level 7 Feat
Level 10 Feat

Level 10 Uber Feature

Primary Origin

Secondary Origin

Level 1 (0 XP) Novice Powers

Level 2 (500 XP) Critical Hit Benefit

Level 3 (1000 XP) Utility Power

Level 5 (3000 XP) Expert Power